Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Trip to the Schvitz brings media blitz

I am famous! My Web log had been linked to by Slipped Disc, the Web log by the British critic and author Norman Lebrecht.

OK, so I had to take my clothes off to do it. So what?

What happened was, Norman linked to this post I wrote about the Schvitz, the bathhouse on Kenmore Avenue here in Buffalo.

Haahahaa! Not only that but he kept it going on Facebook a few days later, linking to it again and asking if any other music critics would be willing to send in pictures of themselves in the buff.

Needless to say the music world does not know where to begin to ask questions. One gentleman on Norman's Web site commented, understandably, "What the heck? I looked up Leonard Pennario and he died four years ago. What does this have to do with him?"

I felt as if I should explain, that this Web log is a kind of therapy as I struggle to get this book out while dealing with the demands life hands me seeing that I am not a ward of the state with a free iPhone. The kind of ongoing joke is that a lot of the time it has very little to do with Leonard. But he was still around when the Web log got started and he got a kick out of it, so, no harm done.

And most importantly: There is someone looking up something about Pennario!

That is good news.

Next thing you know he will be listening to him!

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