Sunday, November 11, 2012

Kitchen garden

Today I went outside with a new mixing bowl I scored at Goodwill and I gathered up what I could from my wreck of a garden. The tomato plants were wilting. Spinach had bolted. Everything was in general disorder. Not that it was in any order to begin with, I have to be honest.

That is what happens when you are working on a book about an, ahem, great pianist. Other things kind of have to fall by the wayside! The greater the pianist the more chaotic your life. Pennario being a great pianist my life is extremely chaotic.

However, beneath the blanket of dried leaves I gathered up a lot of arugula. It is funny how expensive arugula is to buy. Because it grows so easily, almost like a weed.

The herb plants are hale and hearty.

I picked some dill because it will not last forever.

In the bowl it all looks kind of impressive, you know? However, a question. What do you do with green tomatoes? I know, fried green tomatoes, but I do not want to fry them. I have enough fried food in my life.

As we ponder this question please notice, in the background, a few of my favorite things.

Labatt's Blue, left at my house by mistake by my friend Gary.

Millville Oats from Albrecht Discount. That is a wonderful brand name, Millville.

And Dollar Tree dish soap.

Even with the garden in disarray, I am rich!

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