Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The pumpkin that ate my evening

It has been too long since we played the satisfaction game. You know, how much satisfaction you get from completing various tasks.

Cleaned off dining room table: 10 satisfaction points.

Lost 2 pounds: 20 satisfaction points.

Tracked down little-known Pennario video: 30 satisfaction points.

Roasted huge jack o'lantern pumpkin my little niece and nephew garbage-picked: 20,000 satisfaction points!

Why is it that roasting this big darn pumpkin can make you feel so good?

Is it the smell of it in the house, as if you are making a rich dessert? Is it that you feel you are getting away with something because it tastes so good and most people do not think you can eat these big jack pumpkins? Is it just the feeling of not wasting anything?

In any case, triumph.

In between working on the book last night I chopped up this pumpkin and roasted it. And it tasted good! While I was mashing it I kept snacking on it. What is it with people who think they are too good to eat these, ahem, field pumpkins? This one was bright orange inside and out and so rich.

I am rich too. Good gourd almighty, I got 14 pounds of roasted pumpkin! I froze 10 pounds of it and the rest I put aside in the fridge to make Pumpkin Pilau.

Why say pilaf when you can say pilau?

And after that I have in mind some kind of preparation where you would mash the pumpkin and add brown sugar and bourbon. It is just something seasonal that I am dreaming up.

Party at my house!

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