Friday, November 30, 2012

The Oscars

We stopped by Jocko's tonight, in part to celebrate because E.B. Green's was written up in the Gusto today by my friend Toni.

The lounge was crowded. This family shows up and the dad brings a toddler up to the piano.

"What's her name?" Jocko wheedles.

The man said: "This is Oscar."

"Oh, it's a little boy!" Jocko said. And he got little Oscar to sit next to him and play notes.

It was funny because not long ago we had that other Oscar, Oscar Torres. He works for the Federal Reserve but they sent him to Buffalo and so Oscar Torres missed Hurricane Sandy because he was lounging in the lounge of the Hyatt watching Jackie Jocko.

Now there is this kid named Oscar!

Later little Oscar comes toddling up to Jocko.

"Oh, hi, kid, go eat your food," Jocko said. He can take kids only so long. His grouchiness on occasions like that is one thing we love about him.

That, and he always plays us "Midnight On the Cliffs."

Luckily Jocko is more patient when teaching Howard.

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