Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Martini the size of your head

The Wall Street Journal has a big story in its Off Duty section called "Make Mine a Mini." It is all about miniature cocktails, particularly martinis. Above is a picture of Padre Martini, an Italian musician and priest who was a mentor to Mozart and also to Johann Christian Bach, J.S. Bach's Catholic son. I love how when you Google "Martini" Padre Martini comes up.


Underneath the headline the Wall Street Journal asks: "Do you really want a Martini the size of your head?"


Next question!

How come everything always gets smaller, not bigger?

Cooking magazines are always lecturing us on portion sizes. The Journal today has this preachy statistic: "Between 1895 and 2012, the volume of whiskey in a typical Manhattan increased by 37.5 percent."

Oh, so what?

Maybe we need it!

Howard and I are unfortunately soon going to stop receiving the Wall Street Journal. Whoever runs their subscription department scammed us. Apparently Howard agreed to a price a long time ago per year, and they renewed it against his wishes, and they not only renewed it, they quadrupled the price. So for years we have been paying hundreds of dollars a year for the Wall Street Journal. We love the paper. But still.

We do not like such underhanded ruses.

He who subjects us to ruses, loses!

However when my book on Leonard Pennario comes out I will still let the Wall Street Journal write about it. If they are nice.

And if they hand me that Martini the size of my head.

Which by then will be pretty big.

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