Monday, November 5, 2012

Maxxed out

My mom and I went to T.J. Maxx over the weekend and I bought about 35 pairs of tights.

We have a saying in the newspaper business: "If I had had more time I would have written less." It comes from Mark Twain who was once the editor of the Buffalo Courier and knew what he was talking about.

The same saying could apply to shopping.

If I had had more time I would have bought less!

As it was I was there with my mom and when I am shopping with anyone else I usually feel rushed. I shouldn't, I know. I guess I am always concerned with what the other person is looking at and if she has to leave. It is always a she. I do not shop with guys. I just refuse.

Anyway, so I grabbed all these tights while my mom was shopping for socks and nightgowns and stuff. I am never going to have to buy tights again in my life, is all I can say.

After that we went to the kitchen clearance aisle.

That is the greatest!

Wine glasses, colanders, clips that hold plastic bags shut! (That last one was pointed out to me by my mother, couldn't you guess? I wound up with one.)

I took a picture of my mom in the clearance aisle but I am having trouble getting it out of my phone.

So here is a picture of Pennario instead.

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