Monday, November 26, 2012

And then there was one

Weird thing about this last week, we keep breaking these wine glasses I have. Or rather, that I had.

I do not have them any more!

These are these wine glasses I got on sale at T.J. Maxx several years ago. I have had them, I want to say seven years. They were on sale but I like them. They are big wine glasses painted with these delicate flowers. The flowers are different colors so you can tell which glass is yours.


For years -- seven years, I am reckoning -- I had all four glasses. Then a few weeks ago I broke one. I was putting it away and the globe just snapped off the stem. Darn! I hated to throw the pieces out but I had to.

Then on Thanksgiving my niece Rosie came up and reported ashamedly that one of these glasses had broken. No big deal, I said. I mean, I was already down one. And it is not as if these glasses had been valuable. It is not as if someone had broken one of my Leonard Pennario records or something.

So. So far, so bad.

Last night I am washing dishes, still digging out from Thanksgiving I am afraid to say. I am washing one of the last two flowered wine glasses. And it broke in the dishwater!

All of a sudden, these glasses I liked, I went from four to one, practically overnight.

How does that happen?

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