Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Un-Zen life

Another thing I did last weekend was, to get over my Thanksgiving, my broken wine glasses, etc., I went with three friends to get a massage. I never do this on my own. Someone always has to get me to go.

It was nice although I still do not quite get this massage thing. From everything everyone has told me, you are supposed to feel wonderful after you get a massage. You are supposed to be relaxed and peaceful and the feeling is supposed to carry with you all day.

But I don't know, it does not quite work with me. For one thing the New Age piano music makes me giggle. I would rather be listening to this.

For another thing I always have to get up and go somewhere right afterwards. And I have to say, there is no feeling that stays with me all day.  It is the truth! Both times I have tried this, it has not changed the way I feel one bit, not for 30 seconds. I am still myself! Which is fine because I feel fine ordinarily. But as we say here in Buffalo, I am just saying.

Speaking of which, I took the picture up above after the massage person left and I got up. Now looking at it I laugh.

I had taken this Zen massage room and messed it all up! The sheets are all rumpled and I even have my purse sitting there, stuff all over the place.

And you do not even see the other side of the room where I had strewn my coat and shoes and mittens and stuff. Right under this framed New-Age-y quote from the Buddha.

I am afraid I lead a life that is very un-Zen!

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