Sunday, November 25, 2012

Up to your neck in turkey

Thinking about my turkey travails I got the yen to watch the turkey clip from "Bean."

Hahahaa! I had not seen it since the movie first came out, which was God knows when. I think 1999 or something. All I remember was that I was laughing so hard all through the movie I could not drink my pop. I was afraid even to take a sip for fear I would choke on it.

It is as funny as I remembered. I love those neurotic-looking guests -- Peter MacNicol, and that woman with the hilarious hair. I think in the movie this was Christmas, not Thanksgiving. They do not have our Thanksgiving in Britain and Mr. Bean is a British comic.

What is it with these British comics? They are so funny. I think it is that they are not as vain as Americans are. Americans always have to look good. The British go for broke. I remember discussing that with Pennario once when we should have been discussing Ravel.

Back to this scene, Howard should see it because he cannot look at a turkey without telling me about how once he remembered seeing his mother one Thanksgiving with her arm all the way up inside a turkey.

"She was doing something with it," he said, just yesterday.

Another reason he should see it, there is an alley behind Big Blue that is called Bean Alley. So there are two reasons Howard should watch this clip.

Anyhow, Bean and the turkey. Too funny!

And, sometimes, too close to real life.

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