Friday, September 28, 2012

The night life, it ain't no good life...

... but it's Howard's life!

Yikes, where did this week go?

I love this portrait of Howard taken tonight at the Statler. At right is Buffalo broadcasting legend Doris Jones and at right is our friend Ari Silverstein, visiting from New York. Ari loves the picture! He called it Buffalo Bon Vivants.

Ari lives in New York but he is a Buffalonian at heart. He went to school here and he is no stranger to this Web log.

A wonderful time tonight. We ended up at the Hotel Lafayette. Or the Hotel @ the Lafayette as they so stylishly call it. Our friend Ryan was having a Hotel Crawl for his 30th birthday. Not a pub crawl as he emphasized. A Hotel Crawl.

Buffalo is really on the up and up when we have multiple luxury hotels to crawl to! Within walking distance. Or should we say crawling distance.

Surely we shall regain our stature as the city of luxury, the city that gave birth to the Pierce Arrow ...

... the Barcalounger, air conditioning, and Leonard Pennario.

The greatest city on earth!

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