Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sweet deal

My mom and I hit a few garage sales and here is the purchase that takes the cake (or will, one of these days):

An aluminum cake carrier!

It is Vogue Quality Aluminum Regal Ware, Inc. That is what it says on the bottom. I like to bake cakes for people. I made a spice birthday cake a few weeks ago for my brother Tony and the other day I made a chocolate marshmallow cake for Howard's birthday. I also once soared like an eagle and baked a red velvet cake for my friend Michelle. Here I am presenting it to her...

That was last October. Time sure moves fast. And now, so will my cakes!

I expected my mother to object to the purchase just because the thing is so massive. But she did not! She says it is useful when you have to take a cake somewhere. And she admired the handle which has holes in it for your fingers, like a bowling ball. And the three cool locks that keep the cover in place.

My newly acquired cake tote looks like this one on eBay.

Hmmm, that auction is starting at only $6.99. I paid $5 so it is not as if I got that sweet a deal. But I do not buy things to resell them. I buy them to use them.

This Regal Ware company seems to be famous for cake carriers. There is a whole range of them on eBay with prices from that $6.99 all the way up to $50 or so.

Here is a fascinating history of the Regal Company. It is in Wisconsin and goes back about 100 years.

I love how that history is written. They have a timeline! I have a timeline for my Leonard Pennario project and they have a Regal Ware timeline, starting in 1911. Regal is older than Pennario.

In 1976, for instance, Regal produced 5 million canteens for the Boy Scouts of America. That was one of their earliest items, Boy Scout canteens. It is also interesting that no bigger company appears to have bought Regal. It is a privately owned company. Regal has snapped up several other companies along the way.

The family that owns Regal is named Reigle. Cute! There is a great quote from founder James O. Reigle:

"Remember, the past is only a stepping stone into the glorious future."

I will carry my cake with pride!


Mike Lavey said...

I always wanted a cake tote like that in good condition. Lucky find!

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Bing, thanks!! Next time you can come to Mass and make the coffee hour let me know ... I'll bring a cake in that tote to the St. Anthony's social hall!