Monday, August 6, 2012

Spaced out

Howard and I are agog at the Mars landing.

We watched updates late last night. Up early this morning I learned that Curiosity had landed and I watched the video up above. It is great for the scene where you see all those past-faced nerd guys at NASA celebrating! They all start hugging each other and that one guy in the front starts bellowing.

There is nothing like nerds celebrating and in this room are gathered the biggest nerds this country has to offer. Well, I am a pretty substantial nerd myself, with Leonard Pennario and all.

I like that NASA work space, how the nerds are arranged in long rows, surrounded by screens. They appear to have name plates in front of them too. This was all happening in the middle of the night so I imagine that afterward they all went out for beers. They are probably still out celebrating.

You have to wonder if they were munching on Mars bars as they worked. How could they not?

Anyway, amazing to think that Curiosity has landed on Mars and is now crawling here and there on its six wheels.

I wonder where it will think to go first.

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