Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bosch bashing

Zut alors, my Bosch stove is kaput.

I should say Ach, du Lieber, not zut alors. Because it is a German stove. But at least I got the kaput part right.

The oven will not heat up. It has been iffy for a few days now and today it is taking forever to heat up to 450 degrees, the temperature required to cook this cauliflower gratin for my mom. I looked on the Internet and I see other people raging about that problem. Apparently it is common for these stoves.

I came home from my mom's expecting this quiet nice evening when I could work on Leonard Pennario and prep for the next day's dinner as I did so. And now look.

Here is where Web logs come in handy: It is a kind of diary of your life and I see that I bought this stove two years ago. Still too early for it to break if you ask me. But it does not matter what I think.

How am I ever going to get this fixed? And how insulting is this? Here I have been talking up this stove and it goes and does this to me.

Above is a painting by Hieronymus Bosch of the maker of my Bosch stove meeting his just deserts in the underworld. He is the one being devoured by the big creepy beast in the chair. 

Wow, what is going on with those other people in the picture? All I can think is, such is the fate assigned to those who besmirch the good name of Bosch, and make ovens that go on the fritz after only two years. 

It is not pretty!

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