Thursday, August 2, 2012

Laughs for the day

Funny things I saw today:

First I was on the 190 and there was this SUV that kept ending up behind me and it looked weird, as if there were lines around the headlights. How odd, I thought.

Then it pulled into the next lane and got closer and I saw what it was: The woman driving the SUV  -- it was a woman -- had put eyelashes over the headlights. Big sets of eyelashes!


I went to Albrecht Discount to get stuff for my mom. This was the Aldi on Maple Road and I parked on the side, next to this game place, Lasertron.

When I came out and was sorting out my purchases I just had to smile because first this little train went by in the Lasertron lot, carrying these little kids. It is impossible to look at a little train full of kids and not smile.

Then all these bumper cars started zipping around. In complete silence! No loud music, nothing. Just these cars, zipping around these highways and byways. It looked like so much fun!

Speaking of music, or lack of it, one other thing made me smile. I got to work this morning and there was this big envelope from Sony and among the riches it contained was Leonard Pennario's recording of the Beethoven E Flat Trio, with Jascha Heifetz on violin and Gregor Piatigorsky on cello.

I am so Pennario-attuned these days that I just kind of set it aside, thinking, oh, this is great, I love this piece and I do not have it on CD.

It took me a little while to do this double take and say, wow, a Pennario recording just landed on my desk. Newly re-released!


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