Saturday, August 11, 2012

A heated discussion

The Bosch bashing turned out to be not such a big deal. Orville's is sending a repairman to fix the thing this week on an agreed-upon day.

Not at an agreed-upon time, but at least we have the day nailed down.

I was laughing on the phone. I said, I cannot bake anything for three days?

What if I lose weight?

I will sue Orville's!

It is funny being without an oven. You cannot make pies or gratins. Or galettes! That is a hip thing in cookbooks, galettes. They are like pies only sloppier. You fold the crust over the filling.

No galettes for me.

On the other hand it made me affectionate toward my oven that I had a few jazz people over last week and was able to bake a peach cake. The oven was iffy by then but it rallied to bake the cake. It did not stick me. For that I am grateful.

The peach cake was its swan song!

And a beautiful one at that.

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