Monday, July 9, 2012

Why? Swai

Howard and I have again dined on the tasty Swai fish.

Remember the Swai fish? It comes from Vietnam. And whereas most fish costs upward of $5 a pound, the Swai fish weighs in at about $2 a pound. There is a discussion on whether or not we should buy it but if you can figure it out, be my guest. It is too deep for me.

Yikes, it seems that Swai is also called iridescent shark.

Oh well. For me the important thing about Swai is ...

It is yummy!

The San Francisco Examiner, where I found the picture above, agrees with me.

I find no reference to Swai at Epicurious or at

I did a search on and catfish recipes came up. Perhaps there is some reference to Swai in the comments because it is not there in the recipes. Perhaps people are substituting Swai! But I cannot linger to find out. I started looking through the comments of the top recipe and all I saw were people writing stuff like "Restaurant quality fish." I cannot stand when people write that something is "restaurant quality." It is just too stupid, I am sorry.

I mean, it would depend on the restaurant, wouldn't it?

What, do these people only go to one restaurant in their lives?

Weren't restaurants supposed to make food taste like home cooking?

Well, long day, compounded with the fact that it is Leonard Pennario's birthday and I feel bad for how long this project is taking me. At least there the Swai comes to my aid. It cooks up in about three minutes. All the way from Vietnam, and on your table in five minutes. How about that?

I used this recipe and it was mighty good.

Why buy Swai?


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