Wednesday, June 27, 2012

You say potato...

I say Kartoffel!

Yikes, I got into a fight at the Kinky Friedman show at the Sportsmen's. (That link will take you to my insightful interview with the man.)

The fight was about potatoes!

Kinky Friedman started it. He was reciting some story, or reading some story, I don't know what he was doing because I was in the back where I could not see him very well. He did a lot of talking, Kinky did. Anyway, he was telling some story involving Poland and he made a big deal out of the word "Kartoffel," which he said was Polish for "potato."

"It's German," I said to my brother George, sitting next to me.

And this huge guy next to George turned around and looked at me. "It's Polish," he said.

"It's a German word," I squeaked up at this guy. "Kartoffel is German for potato."

I did not retain much in high school German class but I did retain that! You know me and food. Kartoffelsalat is German potato salad. I did not forget that word Kartoffel.

Then the guy got really mad. He must have been Polish and this was important to him.

"It's Polish!" he yelled.

"It's German," I repeated. "I know. My family comes from Baden-Wurttemberg."

I do not think he heard the part about Baden-Wurttemberg which is probably just as well. Well, no probably about it. I am sure it was just as well.

"Mary," my brother said quietly. As in, stop it.

I know because it was exactly how I said, "Leonard," softly, to Leonard Pennario when he started fighting with someone when we were at "Tannhauser."

Drop the argument, it means.

So I dropped it. When I got home I got on the Internet to check, to make sure I was not dreaming. Sure enough, Kartoffel is German. If you want to go back a little further, it has Italian roots.

The Kartoffel has Italian roots, hahaha.

Well, last night this was no laughing matter.

It was not small potatoes!

I wonder what I will get into a fight about tomorrow.

Meanwhile there is this.

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