Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ach, du lieber!

Last night before going to see the fireworks in Cheektowaga Town Park, my mom and my brother George and I were sitting around talking about how Scharf's Schiller Park, pictured above, is closing.

It is sad, as the paper reported, the closing of Scharf's. I like things that have been around for a while. And a lot of Buffalo's German restaurants have closed.

We all feel bad. 

Cue Pennario playing "Liebesleid." It is "the sorrow of love"!

But here is something funny about last night. George who thinks he is wise found fault with Scharf's potato pancakes. "Too much grease," he said.

And my mother said, quietly:

"Better too much than too little."

True, true!

Check out the comments on the story when you get a sec. There are all these people writing passionately in about Scharf's and not one of them can spell it. Everyone writes Sharf's. One person writes Scharff's.

Ach, du lieber!

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