Thursday, June 14, 2012

City sidewalks

What a beautiful night tonight is/was. I met a friend from work and her husband for drinks at Mes Que. It is a new soccer bar on Hertel. You can just about see it in the picture up above! It is right next to the North Park Theater.

Yes, we do have soccer bars in Buffalo, what is the big deal?

Hertel Avenue is turning into the spiffiest street. It was fun walking down the street with all the people on the patios. Kevin Gaughan, lawyer around town, was on the patio of the Empire Grill and we said hello. If I start talking to Kevin Gaughan I just keep talking to him forever, there is no stopping me! So I said hello and continued on my way.

Also getting my exercise today, I went walking in Delaware Park. And this gentleman came running up to me.

"Remember me?" he said.

He and I were on the grand jury together!

His name is Fred and I remember getting him excused from one jury session, I forget what his excuse was, I think a dentist appointment. Anyway, today we talked about the jury and how it makes us see trials differently. We have the insider information. If you want to know how the system works, ask us!

It is strange to think that my jury duty was, yikes, a year and a half ago. I remember it was January and bitterly cold. The first day I was there I caught a chill and had to buy a scarf at Payless Shoes and wrap myself in it, zut alors.

Ha, ha! Remember the woman with plumber's ass? Zounds, this is the second Web log post in a row where I have used the word ass. I used it yesterday too.

But it got fun to have this other life on the jury where -- I do not know if I ever talked about this -- it was my job to sign people in and out. Cops, lawyers, defendants, everyone was under my jurisdiction. And I sat there pompously in the front of the room under an American flag.

Being the biographer of Leonard Pennario I had the presence.

I wonder what point I was at in the book then.

It is amazing how time flies.

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