Saturday, June 9, 2012


I have added to my garden! I was at Budwey's earlier and they had four-pack vegetables for sale, three for five bucks. So I got four cherry tomato plants and four cucumber plants.

Since I have taken care of the garden that I have and been responsible I thought I would allow myself a reward. I am like the servant in the Bible parable, where the master says, You have been responsible in the small affairs so I will put you in charge of larger affairs. Only I am my own master.

The cherry tomato plants are Sweet 100s. A few years ago when I did my one attempt at vegetable gardening I grew a couple of Sweet 100 plants and I remember how beautiful they were. You got these showers of tomatoes. With luck that will happen to me this year.

The cucumbers are called Marketmore. I actually meant to get another kind because I loved the name. It is Burpless! But suddenly you know how it is, you have to get out of the store, and so I ended up grabbing one that was Marketmore. The plants are not Burpless! Perhaps they will burp.

I went home and planted my new plants immediately. After I harvested the small leaves of Bishop's Weed that were encroaching on the garden territory. The Bishop's Weed no longer stresses me out now that I know that I can eat it. It is a part of my salad garden. And a well-loved and appreciated part! I cherish the Bishop's Weed now as a generous and giving plant.

Another exciting thing, all the seeds I planted the day of my niece Rosie's confirmation, they are beginning to come up. Some of the seedlings are pretty big now. I mean they are almost half an inch. Those are the Arugula. I know, because I pulled one up by mistake, and I tasted it.

Arugula, also hilariously known as rocket, is almost a weed. It will grow anywhere, in any kind of soil or sun. That is why I planted it. Plus, I had the seed packet kicking around from a couple of years ago.

You tell me why arugula is so snobby and expensive, seeing that it grows so easily!

Another kind of shoot is coming up too but I do not know what it is. They are tiny, tiny seedlings in the shape of a T. Perhaps they are collards. Or spinach. I think I may have thrown some lettuce seeds into the garden too. Who knows.

This will add excitement to my summer as I work on finishing up my book on Leonard Pennario.

Pennario always loved good food so he would understand.

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