Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Electronics SOS

Could anyone out in Blog-O-Land speak to me of a good and reliable and easy to use electronic 'phone recorder?

I have been lacking, for some time, such a machine. It has begun to hamper my progress.

What with my preoccupation with my pedometer app you would think I was this techie. But alas, that is not true!

When I was in California with Pennario it was the twilight of the minicassette recorder and the dawn of the digital recorder. I took both out to California on Howard's advice. I would set them both next to Leonard. And Leonard was a charmer, and he would say things like, "You're so clever. Those machines are so tough to figure out."

And I would laugh and say, oh, Leonard, you can play "La Valse," this is easy next to that. And we would laugh because just the comparison was so ridiculous.

Then I learned better.

He was right!

It did not take long for the digital recorder to quit, or I did something wrong with it, who knows. Long story short, sometimes it did seem like a toss-up, what is more difficult to do, master "La Valse," or master one of these digital recorders.

However I must needs do this, get one of these recorders and master it. Howard says I have to practice it like the piano and learn it. He is right.

All suggestions appreciated.

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noochinator said...

I'm not sure if this is what you're seeking---
I've had this brand for years, and its performance still is peaking: