Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Walkin' blues

Today I tried logging my steps and I made it up to 5,225 steps.

Objection! This is not counting going upstairs to write this. Make that 5,235 steps!

Also the thing cut out while I was walking across the parking lot this morning, easily cheating me out of 600 steps. I have learned you have to wake up the app. You have to shake it.

But still.

How in the world to make it to 10,000?

It is like the book on Pennario, I feel like an ant crawling up a mountain.

However there are some reasons to be optimistic in the walk department.

Getting up from my desk at work to get tea is 350 steps.

Crossing the parking lot from where I park in East Jahunga, it is 620 steps.

From my desk to the gym is 1,000 steps. Isn't that weird? It is such a round number. It was exactly 1,000 steps when I reached my locker.

Today on my way to my mom's I stopped at Tops just so I could walk around a little and rack up a few more steps. That is how I got the last thousand. Of course that is also how I got this yummy Mineo and Sapio sausage that I ate up with my mom and my little niece and nephew. Well, that is another story for another day.

Sausage or no sausage the point is:

I can reach 10,000 steps.

I can make it work!

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