Saturday, May 5, 2012

Shop till you drop

The garage sale season has officially begun because my mom and I have gone to our first one for the year! Well, she has been to sales with my sisters already. But this was the first one with me.

No Pennario records at this sale, alas. But I got orange napkins for the table and also Pier I place mats. The tags were still on the place mats. That is always funny, when someone buys something and never uses it. I have been there!

The napkins and place mats go well with my current, ahem, theme for the dining room, which is orange. That theme was born from necessity a few weeks ago when I had to have a few people over including the boss. I had no flowers or anything but I had a ton of oranges from Albrecht Discount. I put the oranges in a big bowl and put them on the table. Then I had a bottle of Wild Pig wine, which has an orange label ...

... and a few Candle-Lite candles that were orange and yellow or close enough ...

... and there I was. Set! By the way that is a wonderful name for a wine, Wild Pig. Looking around for a picture I found the photo of an actual wild pig which is what is at the top of the post. I thought it would grab people's attention!

Besides that garage sale and another garage sale, where I bought other things magnificent and sundry, my mom and I also hit the rummage sale at Park School. We found out about it only at the last minute but it was worth it! We did not know about it until we saw the sign at the corner of Main and Harlem.

"Look, Mom, a rummage sale at Park," I said. "We only have 20 minutes till it closes. Should we go?"

My mom said sure! So we went. It was the end of the bag sale so we shared a bag. We stuffed the bag with so many things that I had to go get it reinforced. Hahahaha! Greed is good!

Speaking of which next year we will not make the mistake of not getting to the Park School sale until the last minute.

"Next year we have to make sure to get here earlier," my mom said.

But better late than never! Altogether a good day of shopping.

We are back in the saddle!

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