Sunday, May 6, 2012

Evening at the Hungry Ear

Last night Howard and I were on Off Beat Cinema. It airs at 2 a.m. on Saturday nights, broadcast from the Hungry Ear Coffeehouse here in Buffalo.

It was amazing how many people stay up to watch this show! We kept getting Facebook messages!

Howard took pictures of us on the set at Channel 7. Well, the actual set is in the back there, in the corner. That is where our friend Airborne Eddy is sitting. I am in the front wasting time. Ha, ha! I look silly wrapped in my shawl. But it was cold in there!

Here I am hosting my new cooking show.

Ha, ha! Just kidding.  Howard is a natural on TV....

... but I never know what to say or do. Many times I have just sat there! On Off Beat Cinema it was not as if they were asking me questions about Leonard Pennario so I did not really have much to say.

Whenever we go to TV stations I take pictures of Howard. 

That was Howard at Channel 2 with Andy Parker.

And with Kevin O'Connell.

TV... it ain't no good life.

But it's our life!


snake pliskin said...

Mary, you have a new cooking show?!...please do tell!...snake pliskin

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Snake, I was just joking around! Although you never know ... once I taught a cooking class at the Broadway Market. Why do you go by the name Snake?

snake pliskin said...

Hi, Mary! sorry it took so long to get back in touch with you...a bit of a secret, I am also working on a book and it tends to take up a lot of my free subject (the 21st-century suburbanites struggles with the urban welfare state) is not nearly as exciting as yours...cant wait to read your book...and to have a signed copy!...anywho, my real name isnt snake (it's actually, Aalok, meaning cry of victory in hindi, but I digress) but was beloved upon by my parents. My father was a diplomat in the British foreign service and my formative years were spent in the Punjab...short story long (hahaha!), I was attacked one morning on my way to school by an Indian Cobra, the deadliest serpent in all the country...I was fortunate to survive as the consulate was nearby and they kept a ready supply of there you have it...I hope we can chat again soon...cheers!