Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's May! It's May!

 Someone has to be the first to post this and it may as well be me!

From a great movie that the critics hated and the people loved.

The excess of it! Just mention "Camelot" to any intellectual and that intellectual will turn purple.

Fie on Julie Andrews! Fie!

Hahahaa! I am really enjoying these videos. They are great! And in June we will move on to ...

Surely one of the great song titles of all time.

I was up at 5 a.m. today. Polishing chapters. Crunching statistics on Pennario's record sales. I think I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! Speaking of light, the dawn broke and I did not even notice. I did not realize it was light until hours later when I went out to the steps to get the paper.

Normally I do not get up this early but I am on a sleep-and-wake regimen owing to that recently I have inadvertently developed bad, ahem, sleep hygiene. That is a phrase I love, sleep hygiene! Bad sleep hygiene is when you are awake when you should not be awake and asleep when you should not be asleep. This sort of thing hits me now and then. And the way you deal with it is, you go on this regimen. I went to a sleep clinic once and that is what they made me do.

No drugs, is the good part. You just dig in and follow this regimen. In at midnight, up at 5.

For four days! After that you sleep until 5:15.

And four days after that, you get until 5:30.

And so on, until your body gets the message and you are sleeping like a normal human being.

Meanwhile the bright side of this is, you start feeling better. A little loopy, but better! Plus you have all this time.

TWO HOURS this morning on the book.


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nervafilip said...

No reason to turn purple, a movie with Julie Andrews is always a great movie.
Wonderful, thank you for sharing this.