Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A passage to India

Sure and you never know who is reading your Web log.

Listen to me, talking all Irish. It comes from listening to those fine gentlemen yesterday singing that May Crowning song. But anyway.

The other day I get this comment from this guy who calls himself Snake. And I asked him why he calls himself Snake. And I get this reply:

I know that Leonard Pennario fans are all over the world. But this one is pretty exotic, you know?

The Punjab!

Now it occurs to me: I think the first time I heard from him it concerned yoga. It was one of those times when I was worrying about yoga and whether or not as an, ahem, Roman Catholic I am allowed to do it.

Remember when I worried that in a pose like this ...

... I would make contact with ...

... Vishnu? (Or whoever that Hindu god is. I loved his look, is why I ran him.)

I did not make contact with a Hindu god perhaps, but I made contact with Aalok which is my new friend Snake's real name. Aalok means "cry of victory" in Hindi. He wrote that in his comment. See what I am learning.

Doing yoga poses is similar to writing on a Web log.

You never know who will tune in!

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