Sunday, April 15, 2012

I yam what I yam

For Office Cooking Club I showed off with this dessert.

It is Sweet Potato Pudding!

A lot of people think sweet potatoes are only for Thanksgiving but I did not grow up with them on Thanksgiving so I do not have them compartmentalized like that. I eat sweet potatoes all year. I love them.

Sweet Potato Pudding can actually be Jamaican. This one has allspice in it, and rum.

Up above is the link to the recipe I used. You know how you like to stockpile dessert recipes that are easy but look show-offy? This is one of those recipes. File it away.

I did not even have pecans as called for in the praline topping, so I used walnuts. It worked!

Yum! Plus it is gluten free. My friend Jane is gluten intolerant yet she could enjoy Sweet Potato Pudding. We topped it with whipped cream.

Cooking Club was at my house and we dined surrounded by pictures of Ludwig van Beethoven, Leonard Pennario and Calvin Coolidge. These are writers with whom I dined and they thought that Beethoven was John Keats. That is the young Beethoven above! He looks like a young poet.

I felt privileged to be dining with people who knew who Beethoven and John Keats were.

I am lucky in life!

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