Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring ding-a-ling

It is 28 degrees out but that is just too bad. It is spring as far as I am concerned.

After those 80 degree temperatures last week I cannot go back!

The cat is out of the bag and cannot be put back in. The ...

... is out of the bottle.

The weather says it is this:

And I see this.

It is like when I was in San Diego with Pennario and dressing all summery because I was in Southern California, darn it. And Pennario would be laughing at me.

Yesterday it was hilarious. I went running out of the house in -- well, not open-toed sandals, but pretty close to it. All day I froze! I went to the gym freezing to death. I even shivered at my desk. I looked enviously at other girls wearing black tights.

But I cannot go back!

No more black tights for me!

Which, I have to say, worries me a little. We still have some of March to go and then it is April and then May. None of those months holds any promise here in Buffalo. It could do anything.

Alas, alack and Alaska.

I could be in for a long Ice Age!

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