Monday, March 12, 2012

Daylight savings goofs

I totally overdressed for today.

That is me above on my way back from Zumba class!

It was really warm but I did not make the right decisions. I think I am not quite right after losing that hour for Daylight Savings Time. Losing that hour is tough on me! I never get over its loss and I am always happy to get it back in the fall.

Even though it was sort of neat to get up at 6:30 and think it was really 5:30 and to hear the early morning birds.

This is funny, I wrote this on Twitter but it bears repeating. When I went to Zumba, it was noon. The big stately clock tower at Erie Community College's downtown campus read 11 o'clock.

The clock at St. Joseph's Cathedral read 1 o'clock!

What was the situation? I went back to work and discussed it with my colleagues and we got so mixed up we gave up. Our best guess was that Erie Community College forgot to set the clock forward as we were supposed to do yesterday for Daylight Savings Time.

But what was with the Cathedral? How did they wind up being two hours the other way?

They must have put the clock back and not forward!

It is like something out of Richard Scarry.

Notice the clock in the upper left-hand corner.

Oh well. At least it is not my problem. I can go back to Leonard Pennario and the other things that matter.

Spring forward!

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