Friday, February 10, 2012

The great depression

For years I have wished I had kept a binder for ads that crack me up. I love ads and packaging, things like that. I find myself studying them.

Luckily now we have the Internet and so I can walk down memory lane with this Zoloft ad. Click on it and you can see it bigger.

Ha, ha! That was back when I had not met Leonard Pennario and I could concentrate on such things. I loved the oversimplified stories, and then the depressed bubble head going on the computer and researching Zoloft. There was one where you saw the moon shining in the window but alas, that one eludes me on the Internet.

This is funny, once in an Elmwood Avenue shop I managed to get talking with the proprietor about Zoloft ads. We laughed and laughed about them.

There would always be one woebegone depressed bubble head and the others would be smiling.

Wow, I guess there were TV ads too! We must watch one. We must!

Hahaha! At the end they all bounce.

What got me onto this today was seeing an ad for Abilify. I had never heard of this drug but the ad, featuring a bathrobe, kills me. The bathrobe is your depression and it comes chasing you!

Too funny.

With ads like this, who needs the actual drugs?

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Unknown said...

When I transitioned from Zoloft to Celexa, I went into a manic/psychotic episode. He had me taper down on the Zoloft and add 20mg of Celexa. It was suppose to occur over a week time period. I wigged completely and now no doctor will prescribe an SSRI for me. Because of this, I was labeled Bipolar, unspecified. Great career destroyer, especially when I'm not manic any other time in my life.