Monday, February 6, 2012

The purple curtain

How is this for a Monday pick-me-upper: Yesterday when I went to church I found out to my horror that it was Septuagesima Sunday. That is the start of pre-Lent.

We are in the Lenten season!

And I only just recently took down my Christmas tree!

Isn't that graphic up above a riot? I Google-Imaged Lent and that is what I got. It is the truth! That is what makes it so funny.

Septuagesima really sneaked up on me this year. Normally I try to study up at some point during the week on the upcoming Sunday but I did not get a chance to this week, being so busy with, you guessed it, Leonard Pennario and book demands. And as I saw those purple vestments, my heart sank.

I should have suspected something. Because Saturday night at a jam session at my friend Gary's house I ran into the great jazz singer Peggy Farrell and she told me Lent was coming.

I said, "Peggy, we are in the cruelest religion." And we laughed about that as we had another glass of wine. But Peggy sings in the choir at St. Louis and she knows what is what.

And Christ spoke to Mary and Martha, saying behold, my Church shall be like an aggravating man in your life, you cannot live with him and you cannot live without him, good times shall be followed immediately by bad times, and vast quantities of wine will be necessary to deal with it all ...

OK, I've got enough Lenten problems.

Better not add blasphemy to the list!

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