Thursday, January 12, 2012

Still no yo

My muscles are all going to be hurting tomorrow thanks to Father Gabriel Amorth, Chief Exorcist of the Catholic Church.

He was responsible for the most painful Pilates workout I have ever had!

Today my schedule was weird so I had trouble scheduling a gym visit. I have been thinking I need some stretching and toning as opposed to brute-strength fat-burning, i.e. Zumba, which is what I usually do. And I saw this yoga class that would fit in nicely with my schedule.

I know, I had reservations about yoga. However. It just so happens that recently this one very conservative Catholic priest I respect had said yoga was OK as long as all you were doing were the exercises. So I thought, perhaps there is a future for me and yoga after all!


Every time I find myself on the verge of doing yoga, something happens. And what happened in this case was that just to check, I Googled "Catholic Yoga."

And what bounced right up at me but this story!

I know, people think I am crazy for taking what this guy says seriously. They make him out in the photo to be really creepy and strange. In the comment section, which I had to go on and read, everyone is mocking out the Catholic and this exorcist in particular. One commenter called him "a drooling old man."

Um, hello?

Faced between believing the, ahem, Chief Exorcist of the Catholic Church, an educated and experienced man in his 80s, and the average person who comments on sites like this, I am sorry, I choose the exorcist. You do not get to be Chief Exorcist of the Catholic Church for nothing. Being the authorized biographer of Leonard Pennario I understand something about brilliant Italian men in their 80s. I would go with them over these people whose comments I am reading.

These commenters, they sound like demons, you know? Peek into the comment section and it is like opening the door to hell.

Anyway, no yoga. Instead I went for the Pilates class that followed.

Wherein the teacher absolutely killed us. The teacher scheduled to teach the class, Jill, was for some reason not there. I never realized what a walk in the park Jill is until this evening.

After my Pilates class I went to Zumba class just to get my old self back.

Again, may I state my appreciation for a religions that says no to yoga but has no problem with Zumba.

I am in the right place!


Anonymous said...

I did the Bikram Yoga off and on for a couple of years now and I think I must have been doing it wrong. Given the temperature, it was vaguely purgatory-esque. Many think they are on the road to higher consciousness. Me, I just wanted to make it out of class without EMT assistance

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Mike, haha! I am afraid of Bikram Yoga! Some of my friends have tried it but it just sounded to me, well, purgatory-esque. Why heat up the room? Oh, no thank you. I think we should both make sure to avoid any kind of yoga from now on.