Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gotta bake

I went back to baking bread today. It could not be helped. I just had to.

I made a dark rye bread to take to my mom! I have cream cheese to bring to her and where there is cream cheese there must be rye bread.

There is this Moosewood Cookbook recipe that I have adapted. Back in my baking days I wrote in all these notes and so I heeded them today as I baked. There was orange juice in the bread. I wrote: "Use cider." The recipe also called for a little shredded orange peel. I wrote: "Good, but distracting."

Today I left out the orange peel.

I am just about to bake the bread and things look good. The only thing is, I wish I had remembered to throw some coffee into the bread. I used to do that.

Hahahaha! I just tried to find the Moosewood rye bread recipe on line. I did not. Though to be honest I did not try very hard. I got waylaid by this New York Times writeup on "Moosewood Restaurant Cooking For Health." A ponderous title! Line I love in the review: "The curried red lentil burgers satisfy even the most committed meat eaters..." Haha right.

Notice how vegetarian cookbooks are always using the word "satisfying?" Howard said, "You know why? Because it's not."

Oh well. Back to the bread. Now the damage is done and after working on Leonard Pennario through the hours while the bread was rising, and while the bread was rising again, I find myself sneaking onto the King Arthur Flour Web site. Their Web log kills me. They are always throwing something yummy up there. Recent posts include molasses cookies and no-knead pizza dough.

This looks good.

I need sustenance while I work on my book!

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