Monday, January 9, 2012

Cool cat

Not sure if this is progress but someone has posted on YouTube a video of a cat dancing to a Leonard Pennario tune.

It is "March of the Lunatics."

I guess every bit of publicity helps!


aknesmar said...

Leonard Pennario long-play album which I purchased in 1962 in Belgrade ,former Yugoslavia, called "Chopin for young lovers" - cover photo of a flurred girl face behind the wet car window full of rain drops changed my life.
I was only 12, lived in small place Ploce on the Adriatic coast /Croatia, Europe/ , adored that album, listened to it every day.
I made my primary school teacher to educate me , give me piano lessons on the kitchen table with drafted keys on it with black and white marker. There was no any piano there. It led my teacher to get a piano for me in the municipality and moreover to open Music school for few children where I was the first pupil written in the history of the school. My kitchen table paying enabled me to jump first grade and started schooling with the second grade. My motivation all the time was to perform like Leonard Pennario and kept his album as most precious thing in my teen age. A young piano teacher employed in the school monitored my playing in the scool only ( didn't have piano at home, no money for that at all). When he left the school after several years he gifted me his 150 year old Vienna concert piano , English mechanic . Basendorfer.Almost died of happiness. I married , played every day all the pieces from Pennario' s album and incanted my child at the age of three with the same Pennario performance. In his teen age he insisted to leave our province and left home in the age of 14 to study piano in neighbouring Dubrovnik school, famous of Summer classic festivals.
He was recognised as greta talent, school director managed him later on to Slovenia to study on Academy specialty- piano concerting , when completed it he took conducting direction , completed it as well with much love. I tell you this to finally open past before you people who care for Leonard Pennario and his magical influance on people.
Please comment back, have you read this, are you delighted with this story, hope very much you are, the story is extremely shorthenned though, much oblidged to Pennario, forever, Senka Marinovic aged 58 Ploce Croatia Europe!

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Senka, what a beautiful story! I am delighted by it. I love that you found Pennario's record and it changed your life. That would make him so happy to hear that! And that your son started playing the piano also because of that record. This is all so moving -- I got tears in my eyes -- and I am so grateful to you for writing to me.

I would like to write something about your story.. when I do, I will write another comment here to let you know.

Thank you again so much!!