Saturday, December 3, 2011

In a mellow tone

Today I went estate-sale-ing with my mom where I added to my Melachrino Orchestra collection.

Remember the Melachrino Orchestra? I found another copy of "Music For Dining" and snapped it up.

My mother said: "But you already have one."

"No," I said. "Actually, we already have three. But we can always use one more."

That is because Howard and I have more than one location. Plus you never know, in those hectic moments before dinner is served you may be unable to find one copy of "Music For Dining." If you have multiple copies, there is more chance you will be able to get your hands on one when you are ready to eat.

Besides the coveted "Music For Dining" I also found the Melachrino Orchestra's  "Music For Two People Alone," pictured above.

These covers are the greatest!

And "Music To Work Or Study By."

Ha, ha! Look at the woman looking at the kid studying. I will have to work on my Leonard Pennario book while listening to this album, see how this record works out in the field.

And I saved the best for last.

It is "Music For Courage and Confidence"!

Priceless, is all I can say.



mibloggerdhcastrog said...

Muchas gracias. Excelente musica.

mibloggerdhcastrog said...

Muchas gracias por compartir esta bella musica