Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Into the wild

"Cloudy skies and 54 degrees." That is what I heard just now on the radio.

It is hard these days to know what to wear and sometimes I screw it up. Monday I screwed it up. It was in the 60s or something and I wore a kind of light and swirly skirt and then I got really wild and crazy and ditched the black tights.

Was that ever a mistake!

I had an, ahem, business lunch and we ended up walking from The Buffalo News to the Pearl Street Brewery in a cold drizzle. Then when I left the office I walked out into whipping winds and a cold rain.

That was all because of me! Because I dressed as if it was nice.

I made mistakes like this when I was in California. It was supposed to be nice in San Diego, right? Well, guess what, they get cold rain too. And there I was dressed for the beach. Pennario would laugh at me. Heck, I laughed at me.

With which, I said to my mom last night, these black tights are here until further notice. Which means at least until March. Black tights.

And boots.

From now on.