Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Into the wild

"Cloudy skies and 54 degrees." That is what I heard just now on the radio.

It is hard these days to know what to wear and sometimes I screw it up. Monday I screwed it up. It was in the 60s or something and I wore a kind of light and swirly skirt and then I got really wild and crazy and ditched the black tights.

Was that ever a mistake!

I had an, ahem, business lunch and we ended up walking from The Buffalo News to the Pearl Street Brewery in a cold drizzle. Then when I left the office I walked out into whipping winds and a cold rain.

That was all because of me! Because I dressed as if it was nice.

I made mistakes like this when I was in California. It was supposed to be nice in San Diego, right? Well, guess what, they get cold rain too. And there I was dressed for the beach. Pennario would laugh at me. Heck, I laughed at me.

With which, I said to my mom last night, these black tights are here until further notice. Which means at least until March. Black tights.

And boots.

From now on.


Margaret Mills said...

Morning, Mary! Black tights are so 'in' this year!

I am refusing to part with my flip-flops just yet. I love saying I wore flip-flops in December!

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Hahahaaa! I wore sandals briefly last week. I love that feeling too ... barefoot in winter...

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