Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kvetchin' in the kitchen

It is time for another quick round of gripes about cooking magazines.

One, the inordinate amount of space devoted to desserts in Cooking Light magazine. Do you know how you edge a slice of cake to under 400 calories? You give the recipe for this 8-inch yummy and gooey cake and then you say, "Serves 20."

That is what the magazine does! One reason my subscription has lapsed.

Another reason being the last page which used to carry a yummy recipe from years past and now features a blame-filled claim in big letters like "Your turkey is dry." Then they tell you how to remedy that but the damage is done, you know? You have that headline pointing its finger at you.

Couple of other complaints.

Who in the world has ever sauteed anything in a teaspoon of olive oil?

Would a teaspoon of olive oil even cover the bottom of your skillet?


What is with all these breadsticks?

Why does every cooking magazine want me to develop an addiction to them?

Cooking Light is constantly suggesting they be served alongside pasta. Why in the world would you serve breadsticks with pasta? As if life did not just deal you enough starch.

There are some things that it appears to me are not worth the calories. Breadsticks are one.

Quesadillas are not worth the calories either. They are thin and unfilling but it is the same calories as eating a grilled-cheese sandwich. They are no bargain, those quesadillas! Do not be fooled.

My words of wisdom for the day.