Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Out to sea

Yesterday at my desk at work I took this masterful picture of the American Mariner sailing out of the Buffalo harbor. I took it on my phone and posted it on my Facebook page.

Isn't it funny, you just cannot explain the things that thrill you.

My brother George and I, just as an example, we are both interested in old things in general: buildings, preservation. However my interest extends into industry and George's does not. I love old factories and he does not. And I love these Great Lakes ships. I did not even have to see the writing on this one to know that it was the American Mariner. Because no other ship is as big and now I have a practiced eye.

Big Great Lakes freighters, I love looking at them. I love the lore that surrounds them. It was a thrill for me to meet the captain of the American Mariner, Captain Dan Bartels, and write about him for the paper a while ago. He lives across the street from my mom, is how I got to meet him.

From time to time I kick around ideas of things that would be fun to explore once I have completed my book about Leonard Pennario, not that anything could ever be more fascinating than Pennario.

Great Lakes shipping could be one thing!

I just think I could do a good job with that.

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