Thursday, October 6, 2011

Making adjustments

Yesterday I had to go to the chiro and I got adjusted. I go to a special chiropractor who follows a method called NUCCA which means they do not step on you or crack your back or do anything violent. All they do is press behind your ear.

It actually makes me want to giggle. The chiro tells me, "I'm going to have you lie down on your side." It is always in those words! So that is what I do.

Then she presses behind my ear. That is when it is a struggle not to laugh. It is like this ...

... only my chiro is a girl.

But the thing is, whatever it is, it works. When I went in to see the chiro for the first time a few years ago, I used to notice in Pilates class that my knees did not match up, that one of my legs seemed shorter than the other. The chiro told me that was Short Leg Syndrome and it would soon be corrected.

Which it was! After my first adjustment she told me the Short Leg Syndrome would be corrected in a few hours. Yeah, right, I thought. I will believe this when I see it.

But it was! I got down by the file cabinets at work to check. I looked at my knees and they matched up.


Well, yesterday was a different matter. I was out of alignment and I got adjusted and then right after that the pressure began. You have to lie on the table for a while so that the alignment takes hold. So already I am stressed because I worry I will be missing work.

Then you have to get through the day without upsetting it. All day long I felt as if I were balancing, on my head, a very big and very expensive and very fragile glass vase. I even read that a thought can upset your adjustment!

I took care and did not go to my Pilates class or do Zumba. I tried to sit straight in my car which, good luck trying to sit straight in your car. It is very hard to do! Then I did not drink too much wine. Chemical imbalance can throw off your adjustment! I did not cross my legs. At work I sat up straight in my chair. Every hour I got up to walk.

However! I was in my car and ... doh!

What I did was, I was stuck at a light, and I leaned forward in my seat and tipped my head back. I heard this cracking, popping sound. There goes my adjustment! That was all I could think.

Then I did not get much sleep. I was up at 5 a.m. attending to Leonard Pennario business before work. That probably did away with my adjustment if my mistake in the car did not.

They are hopeless, these adjustments!

Why do I bother?

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