Saturday, July 30, 2011

Torch song

Howard and I were fascinated by the story about a Buffalo car dealer accused of hiring arsonists to torch the Department of Motor Vehicles office on Dingens Street and also the personal car of one of the DMV's inspectors. And I guess he pulled it off! No one was hurt because the fire at the DMV happened on Christmas Eve when no one was there. The inspector's car was parked in front of his house.

No one appears to have gotten hurt, thank God for that.

With which, the big elephant-in-the-room question is:

What did the DMV do to this guy to push him this far?

It is not hard to imagine!

"You need to go to the back of the line."

"No, I'm sorry, we do not accept that form."

"This is the wrong line. The line you should be in is the one over there."

I know a thing or two myself about the DMV and the things it can do to drive a person crazy. Remember when I went to renew my driver's license? Hahahahaaa .... I was just reading over that. I had forgotten so many of the details! For instance, the woman who said she had been to the DMV a few days before that. "I was there for four hours and I never did make it through."

The woman saying to me, as we neared the window: "I'm excited. Isn't it stupid? But this is exciting, finally getting here." I am so glad I wrote that down!

Then the idea of Leonard Pennario writing: "Midnight at the DMV." That would have been one sinister piece! Virtuosic, no doubt, but sinister.

Also the comments, I am laughing at them. I had not realized I had gotten comments. My friend Larry talking about the DMV's in Virginia: "Here, they are ALL lazy, rude, inconsiderate, incompetent, mean, sadistic, egotistical, etc. slugs!"

Honest, I am not saying you should go around torching DMV's. But I could understand what made this guy want to do it.

It is bad enough just being a normal motorist and having to deal with the DMV. 

Imagine being in the car business!

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