Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The straight and narrow

Today I went piously to Pilates class. We do not worship Vishnu in Pilates class the way the yoga class did that I went to the other day.

This is what I love about Pilates.

Instead of worshiping Vishnu we worship the corkscrew!

Above is a picture of the Corkscrew pose. It is actually a killer. What you do is, you keep your legs straight and move them in circles like a corkscrew.

And people ask me why I love my Roman Catholic faith. Not only does the Church frown on yoga but have no problem with Zumba, it forbids you to worship Vishnu but allows you to worship the corkscrew.

O Great Corkscrew, I bow down! Well, I would, were I not flat on my back on my mat.

With luck you are doing the Corkscrew in an environment like the woman in the picture has. By which I mean, under a blue sky, at a spa, by a pool. Such was not my luck today, I admit that. But after sweating out the Corkscrew, the woman and the picture and I may both enjoy the same reward.

We may go and drink a bottle of wine! 

We have earned it! That is because the great corkscrew in the sky is smiling down on us.

I enjoy my reward with Pennario playing Chopin.

That third Prelude. Oooooh.

It goes great with wine!

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