Monday, July 11, 2011

For the man who has everything

Wow, my weekend was packed! My weekend was a lot of work. I am glad it is the week!

I greet Monday morning with a smile and a song!

Just yesterday, I was running absolutely all day. What happened to Sunday being the day of rest, you know? 

The good news was, on Saturday morning I stole a few hours for the book and three chapters I had been struggling with fell into place, boom boom boom. It is amazing what two hours can do if you can scrounge them. On Saturday I even skipped Zumba. Well, I am not sure there was Zumba to skip. All our instructors went to a convention this weekend and so the classes have gone to hell. Friday my class was canceled without notice. Well, without notice to me, anyway. Fie on Zumba, fie!

But back to my Saturday. Saturday afternoon when I took my mom around to garage sales I nailed two treasures for Howard.

One was Bowling Alley Paste. I paid I think 50 cents for this can and I think two thirds of the stuff was still there. Howard had it open and was feeling it and smelling it. He had me do the same. it smelled strong and old. You can use this stuff on any kind of wooden surfaces. 

I knew I could find a picture of this stuff and sure enough.

The other treasure I found was Simonize car wax, pictured above. It was so old that the address on the can was listed as Chicago 16. Probably it dates from the glory years of the 1950s. When Pennario was recording for Capitol.

Howard knew about the car wax. He was excited about it. He said he was going to go Simonize one of his old cars.

I am lucky I have a husband who is so easy to buy for!

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