Saturday, July 9, 2011

Haunted by a hippo

A steamy, sultry day! And Pennario's birthday on top of that.

I worked on the book all morning and it went swimmingly, to use a summer adjective I love. It is coming into shape! I will keep you posted. After that I ran to Tops for my mom. It was like being a kid when I always had to run to Tops for my mom. Then we hit a few garage sales.

My mom had to restrain me from buying this flashlight I loved. It was a plastic hippopotamus and when you pressed on a lever, the hippo made a comic groaning sound,  and then its mouth opened and the flashlight was inside.

That is it up above! I actually found a picture of it.

But zut alors, my mom worried, rightfully I guess, about how many batteries it took.

And I desisted.

Now I regret it!

I bought other treasures including a variety of pie plates and a pastry blender and a beautiful chafing dish. A copper chafing dish, for ... you would not believe this ... 50 cents. Ha, ha! No bargaining there. I will pay that price!

But the hippo haunts me. Never not buy something you like, is the moral of this story.

You will regret it!

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