Friday, May 20, 2011

The word of the day

Howard put Bill O'Reilly on TV just now and Bill O'Reilly's word of the day is "craven."

You know how he says at the end of the show how you should write in to the show. "Name and town, name and town, name and town, if you wish to opine... and do not be ..."

And then he inserts a show-off-y kind of word most people do not know.

Today the word is "craven"!

Do not be craven!

I love that word "craven." I looked up in my Web log to see where I had used it and to my astonishment I had used it only once. And not that long ago! Well, I am not often craven.

Leonard Pennario was not a craven-type person and neither am I.

Isn't it funny how you like some words and dislike others? No rhyme, no reason.

Words I love: craven, transcendent, effervescent, twilight, zut alors.

Words I do not like: limpid, indelible, crepuscule, sibling. Account, as in "He gave a riveting account of Chopin's A Flat Polonaise."

Is he a pianist or an accountant?

Do I wake or sleep?

If I keep listening to that Polonaise I will be up all night!

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