Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Say cheese

Today was an up and down day for me at work but it is funny, the things that can cheer you up! You must be on the lookout for these things.

No. 1, before work I listened to Leonard Pennario playing this Hungarian Rhapsody.

Another thing I did, I went to the gym at lunch time and took a quickie Zumba class which was fun because they did all these hip-hop moves I do not usually do. Ha, ha! No one is less hip than I am and here I am hip-hopping. More importantly, after the class I took a long shower. That shower made me feel so much better! Then I walked back to the office in the sun with my hair wet. I know, I know, I looked like a slob, but it felt great.

One more thing that has me laughing. I was on the Kensington, on my way to my mom's. And I was brooding over something work-related.

And all of a sudden -- well, you are going to laugh because it is the oldest and dumbest trick in the world. This school bus, this cheese bus, passed and in the back window were all these laughing little school kids waving at every driver that passed, trying to get our attention. They were waving frantically at me and I waved back and started laughing.

Then I just kept laughing!

Because remember when you were little and used to do that?

Some things never change!

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