Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What's the buzz?

Howard and I have seen our first bugs.

Yesterday he saw a big hornet. And we are not talking this.

This was an actual hornet that Howard saw! And it was huge.

Meanwhile I was at my mom's and I saw a big bumblebee.

And it was not this kind of bumblebee!

It was real! And you saw it before you heard it. It was like an airplane! It went buzzing benignly around both of us and then trundled off into the back yard.

All these cars named after bugs. Imagine you worked at an advertising agency and you were charged with coming up with a bug brand name for a car, a bug name that had never been used. What would you choose? That is a question for when you are lying awake at night. I might try it instead of thinking about Pennario.

Meanwhile, the buzz is that this will be a big summer for bugs.

You read it here!

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