Saturday, May 14, 2011

On the prowl

Today I went to two estate sales with my mom and I bought... nothing.

My mom scored. She bought three pairs of pants! Although they are a little bit big (a most excellent problem to have).

But me, I just did not find one thing. I considered an ornate egg timer that caught my mom's eye. It was just $3. But sometimes you have to attain critical mass in purchases. It was not worth waiting in line just for this one item.

There was also a tea kettle I considered for $2.50. It was iridescent purple sort of like this...

... only with a green top. There was a problem however with how you opened it. Perhaps something was missing but you had to reach down to the spout and open the thing with your thumb, and all I could think was I would be getting steam burns all the time.

How would I be able to sit down at the piano and play like Leonard Pennario if I had steam burns on my hand?

Then again at least I would have an excuse. "That darn teakettle! It is the reason I do not sound like Pennario."

There was one garage sale but what it was, this woman had this cute little house, with a cute little garage, and she had done up this garage to look like a cute little gift shop. She had it arranged just so, with Victoria magazines on a table, jewelry draped here, old greeting cards arranged there. Glass lamps arrayed on a table, a chest full of books on decorating. This was on Huxley Drive in Snyder. I name names!

And this woman is sitting there, looking pretty, in the middle of her things. I took this picture of her.

There were no price tags. My mother and I do not deal well with that situation and she waited impatiently outside while I chatted with the shop owner. That is what she was, a shop owner. Not a garage sale holder!

Anyway. For me it was an ultimately fruitless day.

But as I said last week, the season is just starting!

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