Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Waltz with CVS

My garage sale skirt made me the center of attention yesterday. Including when I was coming out of CVS. A gentleman held the door for me and called me "Lady."

It was like going back to the 12th century!

This was me.

My mother said it was because I was wearing a dress and so few women do. Could be, could be. Although I prefer to think it was this skirt in particular.

I am having fun riding the CVS merry-go-round. Yesterday I stopped in to nail a few of the bargains hyped this week. There is Purex for 99 cents if you have a coupon, which I do. And everything Suave is very cheap if you are prepared, which I am. Pennario was always prepared for his concerts and I am prepared when I go to CVS.

Now I have four Extra Bucks.

And CVS played a surprise card by giving me, on the way out, a coupon for $5 off of a $15 purchase.

However. That is good only for three days! That adds a challenge. You must return to the store almost immediately and spend that $15, incorporating the four extra bucks and not buying things you do not need.

If you work things out right you get more money back on top of that. There are already offers whereby, if you spend $10, say, on certain products, you get $3 back.

It is a ridiculous game and you wind up with way too much deodorant and body wash and toothpaste. But it is fun.

"Well, doesn't it take a lot of time?"

No, it does not. Because I cut out and sort my coupons at my mom's house when I would ordinarily be doing nothing other than maybe discussing the Catholic Church's stance on yoga. It is not as if I would be able to work on my book or anything. Heck, it is not as if I ever get to work on my book. So, the CVS game is just a little extra in my day.

My life is rich!


Prof. G said...

Interesting. I've been excoriated over the years for addressing various females as "lady" or "ladies", "women", "madam", and every other feminine group word.

I think I can anticipate the answer to this, which is "They just didn't like you."

I love the comedian who said that nowadays you can say every forbidden obscene word in front of women, but don't call them "girls".

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Prof., I love what that comedian said! I've never minded any of that "girl" business. At work the guys who drive our trucks yell all kinds of stuff at me because they know it cracks me up.