Wednesday, April 27, 2011

East of Easter

This morning I noticed something. You know how once in a while I rank my accomplishments in order of how proud they make me feel? Here were my accomplishments between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. just now:

Located picture I was looking for of Pennario with the pianist Aldo Ciccolini, and it took just two minutes illustrating my top-flight organizational system: 25 accomplishment points.

Was able to fit picture into frame in appropriate chapter and make it look real pretty: 50 points.

Finished brilliant and insightful chapter about recording industry in the 1950s: 100 points.

Finished eating asparagus frittata: 10,000 points.

I have all these post-Easter leftovers that have to be dealt with just right. It is like playing Sodoku -- you cannot repeat yourself, yet everything must be used up. With the leftover ham I have already made ham jambalaya (Monday) and black bean soup (Tuesday). The black bean soup used up an avocado that was not ripe on Sunday.

Ham also went into enchiladas. I forget what day that was.

What next?

That is the question!

Split pea soup is too close to black bean soup plus with me it is a danger. I cannot stop eating split pea soup. I will eat it nonstop until the whole pot is gone. It is just the way I am wired and that is why I no longer keep split peas in the house. They are like doughnuts would be to a normal person.

Perhaps a pasta dish with ricotta and ham. I have this ricotta so I would get points for using that up. And there is leftover whole wheat penne pasta.

I guess I should not discount the good old-fashioned ham sandwich.

Challenges, challenges!

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